Day 1 of this journey

Hello all! My name is Jaime. I am a proud mother of 5 daughters, a wife to an amazing man, an Avo, a nurse and a baker. When I started this journey in 2017, I had no idea where it would take me/us.

My love of baking started with my Gramma, in her kitchen baking pies. Despite the fact that my first, cherry, pie ended in a disaster on the floor. As an adult I have always loved to bake for family celebrations and holidays. As time went by, I began baking here and there for other people, and work friends, etc. Until… one day someone said a certain phrase that changed my whole thought process… “I will pay you to make that for me.” And I did; and she did. Then this began to happen more often. Pies for holidays, breakfast breads for friends to have with family, and muffins because, well, why not? In 2017 I mastered my cinnamon roll recipe. Game changer! People loved them. I was selling so many! So, I sat and chatted with my crazy, amazing husband. “I want to start a home bakery business.” He agreed. So I did it. In 2017 The Tasty Crumb, LLC was born. I signed up for my first fall festival. My daughter, Kenzie, and I ventured this together. It was a blast! I received such great feedback and compliments. People came back to my table to buy more, and praise my products. I was doing it. I could do it.

Kenzie being my acting assistant at the festival

My cute little table setup for the festival

Here we are in 2020. Covid hit. With one child who has struggled with respiratory issues and hospitalizations, I took time away from my job as a nurse to keep my family safe. And I baked. And baked. And I grew brave. I sent out emails and messages to different places asking if anyone would be interested in carrying my products in their markets. Well, I’ll be, somebody said yes! Holy smokes, now what? I have to get legit! So I started researching getting licensed and commercial kitchens. In the midst of this, a friend asked about gluten free cannoli. Well, anyone who knows me, knows I love a kitchen challenge. Sooo, I made them. They were delicious! I made regular cannoli, and THEY were delicious too. Game changer #2 here. These started selling like crazy.

I am now renting a commercial kitchen by the hour, thanks to a wonderful community program. I am, fingers crossed, days away from being an official licensed small commercial bakery. Some of my goods are being sold in an online market for local pickup at a country store. Once licensed, I will be selling select products wholesale to another local farm store. And, as always, I have my loyal customers, who I bake to order, and deliver locally one day a week for free. This list is growing!

So, I am inviting you, to join us on this journey. See us grow and cheer us on. Come along and follow The Tasty Crumb Trail to see where it goes.

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