One success at a time

These last 3 years have taught me to be patient and enjoy one success at a time. Today I got to celebrate one more success. I met with the health inspector and passed inspection. I left the commercial kitchen officially a licensed commercial bakery. THIS, is huge. THIS opens up so much potential. I am organizing my wholesale delivery day and am looking into shipping options! There are always obstacles. Money is always tight, there is never enough time, there isn’t enough space… Each obstacle is just potential for a success. I will succeed in balancing the budget this month. I will successfully fit in all the important things on my to do list tomorrow. I will clear out and organize that room and make space for my office. And I will celebrate each of these successes proudly.

Do it my friends! If you are thinking about it, and that thought keeps coming back, do it. Go for it. You might fail. But there will be little successes along the way. I promise there will be. Recognize them, enjoy them, and BE proud of them.

Success takes many forms

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